Czech mountains in summer - Harrachov


Harrachov in the Krkonoše Mountains is a popular winter ski destination, especially for Czech visitors. However, my husband and I went to Harrachov in the summer, when you will also find many activities here. You can choose a hotel with a pool and swim or go for a walk or hike along the ridges of the Giant Mountains. We decided to take the cable car to Čertova Hora. And I wonder if I can overcome my fear of heights. 

Devil's Mountain

The mountain is located 1020 m above sea level. For me, riding the cable car was a scary experience because I am afraid of heights, but for my husband, my fear was incomprehensible, and he would recommend this cable car to everyone. Over time, I must say that, unlike the cable cars in the Italian Alps, this one was like a ride on a children's carousel. The view from Čertova hora is priceless, so be sure to sacrifice a few crowns for the cable car and five minutes of fear. We did not meet Krakonoš here (a fairytale character, an old man who looks after the mountains and punishes anyone who would damage them), but we collected a few blueberries at least. 

Mumlava waterfall

Harrachov is located in the Krkonoše National Park - KRNAP. One of the attractions of the park is the Mumlavský waterfall, which you can reach after a pleasant walk through the forest around beautiful ponds that invite you to stop. 

At the end of the road, I felt like I was in heaven. My dream has finally come true! I could take a bath in the waterfall! But I wish I was more hardy! So all I was able to do was wade in the water at the edge of the lake. The weather was beautiful, but not entirely for bathing.  

We visited the park in the summer holiday but didn't meet many tourists. I was so excited about the waterfall that I went closer and played with the water.  It was icy.

We got silly during the photoshoot, and in the end, I looked as if I was taking a bath. It is a romantic spot, and there I recommend you to pay a visit to Mumlavské waterfalls.  

Activities for families with children

Besides the beautiful hikes, there is a so-called Bee Trail full of educational and movement tasks for children near the waterfall.  In the city center, you will also find a ropes park and a bobsled run. In case of an unpleasant weather condition, you can visit unique glass manufacture or a traditional local brewery.  We decided to visit nearby caves. 

Bozkov dolomite caves

These caves have the second largest cave system in the Czech Republic after the Koněprusy ones, but unlike them, they feature the largest underground lake in Bohemia. The tour is exciting, and we enjoyed the play with lights that beautifully highlighted the lake. And as in any cave, it's cold, precisely eight degrees, so don't forget to pack a jacket or sweater.

Wooden restaurant in Bozkov

Bozkov is very petite, but a lovely village. A perfect spot for your launch break could be one of the oldest restaurants in this area, called Dřevěnka (a little wooden house) The house lives up to its name because it is entirely wooden. We had a barbaric lunch of a large portion of fried cheese, potatoes and vegetables, In the company of the portrait of the emperor Franz Josef and other historical photographs, 

Hotels in Harrachov

At first glance, Harrachov looks like a typical holiday resort full of hotels, which do not always fit flatteringly into the beautiful local landscape. On the other hand, they are very well equipped, and many of them have their wellness. I found the hotel Orea Vital Sklář on, and we can recommend it. 

The hotel offers its guests a swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, steam bath, tennis courts, and a restaurant. We had to try everything, and we were most excited about breakfast because they offered a large selection of sweet and savory dishes. On request, the chefs will even fry eggs or pancakes right in front of your eyes the way you like them.

It is worth mentioning the helpful staff, who help us to change the first room for another with a better view upon arrival, and later they also returned the forgotten computer in the hotel lobby. We have only a small complaint about parking, which is paid and costs 150 CZK per night. However, other activities are free, and so it pleasantly outweighs this fee. 

A small summary of activities you can do in Harrachov in the summer:

  • A trip by cable car to Devil's Mountain
  • Hiking along the ridges of the Krkonoše Mountains
  • Mumlava waterfalls
  • Park with bobsled track and ropes center
  • Visit the local brewery and glassworks
  • Bozkov Caves
  • Lunch or dinner in Dřevěnka - Bozkov