Bohemian Lady? What?


When I was choosing the domain name, I thought of different names. Veronika's adventures already exists just as many other original and catchy domains, and I am a bit too old to be considered a Bohemian Chick or Girl....

However, I am not old enough to be called Madame Bohemian. 

As soon as I asked the domain provider whether the domain is available, there was nothing to hesitate about. It was one of at least twenty similar variations of the name but many of the domains were already taken. I wanted a name that would comprise several things at once. Mainly the fact that I am a creative and sometimes disorganized person in the Czech Republic who likes to travel, take photos, and write about all of it. Then a small, nagging spirit appeared. It sat on my shoulder and asked:  

Can you explain to me where the "Lady" came from?

Well, I remember my dad always said that I pick at my food like some lady and that nothing is good enough for me. Actually, what he meant by that "nothing" was the spaghetti he made that had a lot of partially-raw onion in it. There were times when I took an hour and half to get ready to go to a pub, even though everyone laughed at me, saying that it seemed I was getting ready to go ball dancing. When I was getting ready to visit a rock music festival, which was THE event of the season at the outdoor theater, I slept with curlers in my hair and I spent the whole previous month dieting and losing weight so I could fit in my favorite pair of pants. And taking the trash out without full makeup on while wearing sweatpants? Not even by accident! Bravo Girl, Cosmo Girl, Dívka, later Fler, Cosmopolitan, or Elle and MTV and VIDEOFASHION on TV. That was my, as I now see, a superficial world. 

I was making face masks out of egg white and lemon, hair balms from olive oil, bathing in real milk, and searching for lady's mantle and chamomile for my bath.

"Yeah, that's in the past", I think as I look at my mismatched socks. The washing machine ate them again and in a hurry, I put on one blue one and one brown one. Some LADY I am.... Either way, I was absolutely sure about the word Bohemian. The other possible word that could describe me is Divergent, based on my favorite book, but it sounds almost like "detergent" which is, in English, dish soap. Well, at least I will try to give that name to my band. The band that has not had a show yet but has been practicing for three years now. However, I do some hobbies more intensively and some of them make more sense to me and perhaps to other people too.

For example, our gospel choir, of which I am a member, performs quite often. Often enough for a few of us to lose voice during our summer training camp just before our final concert. During Christmas, we then get to enjoy singing in churches, chateaus, and town squares at the Christmas markets and charity concerts all over the country. 

At my house, you would find a lot of clothes you could call bohemian as well. They are quite handy for concerts with our gypsy choir, led by a patient conductor.

A lot of trinkets I have also come from the time I practiced belly dancing. As a real bohemian, I can create a system even in my chaos but my work taught me to come on time, which was something I was struggling with for the first two decades of my life. 

When there are so many interesting people, things, smells, and beauty, who would care about such a basic thing as time?

To leave the name as a single word "Bohemian" reminded me, as a tour guide, of plentiful names of companies selling Czech crystal glass. It's not that I do not like crystal, just the opposite, but I did not want to constantly explain that so far, I am not producing it or selling it. I am creating plenty of other things though, especially at night when I get kissed by a muse, get energy in my veins, and I feel I must finish the project. Others sleep and I am creating. It can be a costume for belly dancing or folk dancing, I might wallpaper my room, or I might make a wall into a chalkboard.... And the next day I am wandering around like a ghost, grumbling that next time, I will rather be creative during the day. 

    Bohemian Lady is, in my opinion, an excellent combination of attributes that go together but they are not opposing each other, a bit like I carry inside a lot of contrasting beliefs. As I am trying to compartmentalize the world into two black and white boxes and finding with a disillusionment that it is more gray and too complicated to be divided only by two, I realize that the real bohemian life is the same. Not to have to decide and be able to enjoy everything.

    Welcome in my world of stories about traveling, culture, art, music, and creativity.

    Veronika J. 

    The article above and photographs are my own work, only the images of gospel choir and me as a belly dancer were taken by professional photographers and here are the links:

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